Supply Chain

Kwan Tai always strives to make environmental considerations an integral part of our corporate values byoffering a comprehensive range of sustainability services

  • Green Sourcing
Most of our sourced building material products are sustainable and eco-friendly, which are credited with green recognitions. - Wooden Flooring – available in FSC certificates - Gypsum Block – BEAM Plus credits, HKGBC - Green Building Certificate product Roof tiles & Façade Panel - FDES – in accordance with NF P 01-010 standard
  • Production
Production lines of our supplied products are certified with various ISO certifications. Also, production lines are monitored by computerized system to ensure a high and consistent product quality.
  • Logistics
We help to reduce carbon footprint on material transportation by implementing various initiatives, such as recycling construction waste.
  • Site Management
On-site technical support team assists in solving technical problems and facilitate construction process. We adopt a highly-efficient construction approach to achieve optimum use of resource and reduction in waste production.   With frequent site inspection and monitoring, Kwan Tai has established strict quality control on our site installation work.
  • Continuous Improvement
Kwan Tai comprises a team of professional engineers who offer optimized solutions and services to our clients.  Client’s feedbacks and on-site experiences, coupled with frequent interactions with our product manufacturers, help to enable continuous improvements on our business and product portfolios.

Green Living - Green Office Management

Kwan Tai works to achieve more effective use of resources and reduction of waste in Office Management.

Energy Saving

We Support “Energy Saving Charter” partnership campaign organised by the HKSAR government. Our offices maintain an average indoor temperature between 24 and 26°C to save energy during summer time.

 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

We care about air quality of our offices by installing centralized air purification system to eliminate indoor air pollutants

Waste Reduction

Various waste reduction practices are implemented, such as recycling paper ,reusing office equipment and stationary as well as promoting “food-wise” culture. Specially, we encourage our staff to participate in waste saving workshops to cultivate their green living habits.